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The Babes of America’s Best Breastaurants 2013 [PHOTOS]


Breastaurants. Is there any spot greater in the world where the common man can gather and forget about the daily grind? The places have everything a guy could want and need. Cheap food, cold beer, every sporting event on TV and most importantly, boobs.

Hooters started the phenomenon in the mid-80’s but more recent restaurants of the breasts have popped up all over America. Breastaurants, unlike other mid-priced eateries like Applebee’s and Bennigan’s have deemed to be recession proof and collectively are a $1-billion plus industry with Hooters leading the way.

However, Bikini’s Sports Bar and Grill has somehow successfully trademarked the term Breastaurant®, leaving us to only assume that a war of boobies is set to start across this great land over the rights to use the term. It will be the most necessary war since WWII.

We have featured all of the “restaurants featuring breasts” below to help you decide if one place should hold the golden term to themselves or if it should be shared amongst all of them and we can live forever in one happy titopia.

Bikin’s Sports Bar and Grill: “America’s Only Sports Breastaurant®”

Locations: 14 in Texas, North Carolina and Oklahoma

Signature Food: Loaded Mashed Potatoes

Notable Fact: Own the exclusive rights to the term “Breastaurants”

Twin Peaks “Eats • Drinks • Scenic Views” “Twice The Fun”

Location: 42 in Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Nebraska, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Georgia, Colorado, Arkansas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Florida and New Mexico

Signature Food: Chili

Notable Fact: The term breastaurant was first coined in an article about Twin Peaks

Hooters “Only a rooster can get a better piece of chicken”

Locations: 435+ stores in the USA, and 24 countries worldwide

Signature Food: Hot Wings

Notable Fact: Hooters forbids girls to wear ponytails

Tilted Kilt “A Cold Beer Never Looked So Good”

Locations: 100 in 26 States and Canada

Signature Food: Irish Nachos

Notable Fact: Originated in Las Vegas, Nevada

Bone Daddy’s

Locations: 6 in Texas

Signature Food: Smokehouse BBQ

Heart Attack Grill “Taste Worth Dying For”

Locations: 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Signature Food: Triple Bypass Burger

Notable Fact: Anyone over 350lbs eats for free.


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