Say Hello To A British Man Who Tried To Pick A Fight With Everyone On The Plane

Wow, Cliff Lee really took an ass kicking.

31-year-old British vacationer Sean Jude Kelly had a fear of flying on the way to his Mexican retreat so he did what we all would do: Popped some Valium and housed half a bottle of Vodka. Kelly then proceeded to attempt to pick a fight with, as witnesses described, “everyone on the plane”. The British Airways flight filled with Americans obviously had to be diverted and by the looks of it I don’t think the passengers were too happy about the inconvenience.

Kelly should have read the scouting report on Americans: most of us are right handed. But if anything you have to admire his choice in hair products. Any gel that can keep hair perfect through a royal rumble at 40,000ft and an arrest is good enough for my head any day of the week.

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