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Matt Damon Goes Back To Being Badass In The Upcoming Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Elysium’ [TRAILER]


Hey Matt Damon, go take over farms for energy companies and be Liberace’s lover on your own time. We need you as Jason Bourne shooting enemies left and right and beating the living crap out of people with books. If we can’t have you as that, well, you as a dick-kicking exoskeleton soldier trying to take down a gated community in outer space is the next best thing.

The trailer for Elysium was released today and it looks like it has some serious potential to be one of the best action movies of 2013. Personally, it had me at District 9 (Neill Blomkamp’s first work since the 2009 Best Picture nominee), but the additions of Matt Damon and Jodie Foster are always a plus.

PROS: Sans the absolute pigeon f*cking that was Waterworld big budget post apocalyptic thrillers are usually a fun time (think I Am Legend, Children of Men and Escape From N.Y.). HUGE expectations for Neill Blomkamp and judging that Matt Damon and Jodie Foster rarely choose bad movies, we should be okay.

CONS: Doesn’t come out till August 9th. Matt Damon bald makes me feel awkward for some reason. Still go back and forth with thinking if Jodie Foster is attractive or not.

  • COED Writer