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Say Hello To The Former Vice Mayor Who Successfully Drove Over 90mph While Dangling His Genitles Out The Window


Talk about a talent. I can’t even look down for a second at my phone while driving 25mph without swerving into the other lane and here is William Blakely going above and beyond the call of multi-tasking. The Dale Earnhardt of sexual harassment.

The 30-year-old former Vice Mayor of Mount Carmel, Tennessee attempted to charm multiple women from ages 16-60 with his abilities to masturbate out the drivers side window while still pretending he’s racing the Daytona 500. If that’s not marriage material ladies, your standards are way too high.

Blakely is at least facing charges of indecent and reckless endangerment, and criminal attempt to commit aggravated assault. Fortunately for William where he is heading for the next 2-5 years the ability of being able to juggle multiple tasks while jerking off will most likely come in handy.

  • COED Writer