Instagrab! Someone on Instagram Claims They Caught the Lone Star College Stabber

Update: His name is Steven Maida.

Someone on the Lone Star College campus in Houston, Texas may have become the next Dog the Bounty Hunter (with a much better grooming regime).

CNN reported that a student at the college went on a stabbing rampage injuring at least two students who were taken to the hospital in critical condition. Police have a suspect in their custody and the student who may have captured him posted pictures of his heroic capture on his Instagram account (@cheesin365).

They included two shots of of the suspect lying face down on the ground as police have him in handcuffs and a self-portrait of the capturer in the back of a squad car as his way to the police station for questioning. So far, no one has been able to confirm the authenticity of the photos or the faces in them since police have not released the suspect’s identity yet but given the timing of the incident, they appear genuine.

He’s also been talking to reporters on his Twitter page and explaining the situation to his followers. He claims he heard “a guy was stabbing girls in the face” and he went after them before police arrived at the scene. We’ll stay on top of this and post any updates as soon as we hear about them but if it’s true, then there isn’t a medal big enough to hang around this hero’s neck.

Below are the two Instagram photos we’re talking about. In the words of one CC editor, “It looks like he apprehended Carrot Top.”

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