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High School Baseball Team May Be Vampires Because of Bizarre Hazing Ritual


Hazing has long been one of those sad and sorry traditions in the sporting world along with rampant juicing, overpriced tickets and Oakland Raiders’ fans. Now it’s officially gotten weird as well.

The Times of Trenton in New Jersey reported that a local high school baseball team hazed their newest players by biting them.

Florence High School’s Flashes allegedly welcomed their new players “for years” with this strange practice. Members of the team would hold down the new players by force while at least one of the more senior players would bite them hard enough “to break the skin” presumably to transfer their vampire powers into their bloodstream to them jump higher and run faster on the field.

The bad news is that four players have been suspended and the coach is facing an investigation for allegedly letting the players hold this hazing rituals for so many years. The good news is that we may have found a way to bridge the social divide in high schools across the country between the jocks and the vampire goths.

No reports have surfaced as to how well Florence High plays at night versus how well they play during daylight.

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