16 Sexiest WAGs of the 2013 Masters [PHOTOS]

There’s no question that The Masters is the golf tournament of the year. If you can look past the fact that Augusta National Golf Club hates women and black people, the fact that they offer $2 beers and $3 sandwiches without a single ad anywhere on the course is pretty impressive. Of course, tickets for just the first round are currently going for $3,000+ but that’s the price you pay for beautiful courses, watching Tiger on the rebound, and standing next to some of the most beautiful fans in the game.

It’s true. For some reason that I’m sure has nothing to do with money, golfers have been able to land some fine ladies. From dating Instagram starlets, to marrying Cowboys cheerleaders, golfers sure know how to stroke it. So even if you’re not a fan of the game, you’re guaranteed some quality television at this year’s Masters.

Lindsey Vonn – (GF) Tiger Woods

Lindsey Vonn’s name has been thrown in the mix with some pretty famous athletes (remember that rumor with Tebow?), but none more so than Tiger. According to Tiger, the two had been friends for some time but only recently started dating. Of course, it makes total sense that he would have made this announcement via Facebook. It also makes sense that there are rumors he’s already started cheating on her.

Paulina Gretzky – (GF) Dustin Johnson

Update: After watching Paulina caddy the par-3 tournament for Dustin, I think it’s safe to say that the other golf WAGs are sharpening their knives. There’s a new headliner in town and her name is @PMGypsy.

Dustin Johnson must have a thing for women who love the limelight. First, he dates the most gratuitously photographed professional female golfer in the past decade (see below) thenmoves onto Instagram’s most famous starlet, Paulina Gretzky. Now, instead of solo shots by the pool, she’s uploading photos of the couple making out or hugging. Dustin, please break up with her so we can get back to the old Paulina.

Natalie Gulbis – (Ex-GF) Dustin Johnson

Natalie first started getting our attention when she posed for a swimsuit calendar that was banned at a USGA tournament. Realizing the attention it had netted her, she then posed for FHM on her home course: the Lake Las Vegas. Most recently, though, you probably remember her from posing in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue wearing only body paint.

Ana Ivanovic – (GF) Adam Scott

Adam Scott might be the only golfer on this list who’s not as popular as his girlfriend. But when you’re dating one of the most popular, successful, and beautiful tennis stars in the world, you gotta take the good with the bad.p


Jillian Stacey – (GF) Keegan Bradley

Until the 2012 Ryder Cup, it was unknown whether or not 2011 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year Keegan was actually dating Jillian or if they were just “seeing” each other. But after he brought her to the event’s gala dinner (the same one Tiger went stag to), it became pretty much public knowledge. Keegan’s performance has been somewhat lackluster since his 2011 debut, but it’s clear that he’s doing something correctly.

Kandi Harris Mahan – (Wife) Hunter Mahan

Hunter Mahan is the perfect example of the ol’ “mediocre professional golfer landing a 10.” Kandi, his wife, is a former Dallas Mavericks dancer and Cowboys cheerleader. In “quality of woman” terms, finding a woman who was a professional cheerleader for two of the biggest sports franchises in Dallas is the equivalent of winning the lottery. Hunter quickly realized his luck and the two became engaged in Pebble Beach. They married a year later in 2011.

Alexandra Browne – (GF) Rickie Fowler

As the daughter to three-time Tour Champion Olin Browne, it makes total sense that Alexandra would seek out a young, rising star in Rickie Fowler. It also makes sense that the two would have met while they were playing golf.

Liz Estes – (Wife) Bob Estes

Well-known for being one of the most attractive golf wives on tour, Liz Estes was set to be the main focus of a Real Housewives of the PGA Tour spinoff. While the show never took off, it would seem that Liz has kept an eye for the spotlight. According to Golf.com, she’s an aspiring pop star. I’m not against watching music videos on mute.

(photo via SI.com)

Sonya Toms – (Wife) David Toms

A graduate of LSU-Shreveport, Sonya was ranked #3 in a 2003 SI poll of who was the hottest wife on tour. Obviously a good amount of time has passed, but that just puts Sonya well into MILF territory.

Elin Nordgeren – (Ex-Wife) Tiger Woods

It doesn’t matter who Tiger Woods is dating now, Elin Nordgren will forever be remembered as the one who got away (with $100 million in divorce settlements). This Swedish ex-model was introduced to Tiger Woods by golfer Jesper Parnevik who had originally hired Nordegren as his nanny to their children. Despite the rumors that Tiger and Elin are hooking up, it is believed that she’s still dating billionaire coal tycoon Chris Cline.

Martina Hingis – (Ex-GF) Sergio Garcia

It’s been quite some time since I’ve read (or wrote) the name Martina Hingis, but here we are. Those of you who are female tennis fans might remember Martina’s rise to fame over ten years ago. After setting a series of “youngest-ever” records (Grand Slam, Top-Ranked, Wimbledon), injuring herself, and then returning in 2006, Martina retired from the game indefinitely when it was discovered she had tested positive for cocaine. I don’t know if it’s the cocaine or the athletic body but at the age of 32, Martina still has it going on.

Allison Micheletti – (GF) Martin Kaymer

Allison might be the girlfriend of Martin Kaymer (the a**hole responsible for Europe retaining the Ryder Cup), but he’s not the only golfer in the relationship. Allison turned pro in 2011 and was recently featured as one of 11 contestants on the Golf Channel’s reality show <em>Big Break: Atlantis</em>.

Caroline Wozniacki – (GF) Rory Mcllroy

What is it with male professional golfers and female tennis players? We’re not so sure but you can bet that Rory is pretty happy with his catch. Not only is Caroline a gorgeous blonde, she held the #1 spot in WTA rankings for over 65 weeks. If you’re as much of a fan as we are, you’ll be happy to know that she’ll be caddying for Rory during the Master’s Par-3 challenge on Wednesday. Hopefully, she’ll take a note from <em>Happy Gilmore</em> and choose to wash her underwear on the course.

Ellie Day – (Wife) Jason Day

Elie was just a waitress in Twinsburg, Ohio when she first met Australian golfer Jason Day. It would be a few years before the two would meet again and eventually marry in 2009. Fans got their first real glimpse of Ellie, though, during the Masters in 2011 when CBS repeatedly kept showing video of her. Hopefully we can expect a repeat performance in 2013.

Diane Antonopoulos – (Wife) Luke Donald

There’s no question that American colleges are more fun the British ones, but to say that Englishman Luke Donald hit the jackpot while studying at Northwestern University would be the understatement of the year. While working at his game and towards his degree, Luke met one of the most beautiful women you’ll see on tour now in Diane Antonopoulos.

(photo via SI.com)

Amy Mickelson – (Wife) Phil Mickelson

It’s hard not to have a soft spot for Amy Mickelson. After announcing that she had breast cancer in 2009, Phil took a leave of absence until it was learned that her prognosis was positive. The two are generally seen as the golf’s most famous couple, so how a rumor was started that Amy slept with Michael Jordan is beyond me.

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