Your Last Chance To Win $150,000 With DraftKings This Week

It might be Monday, but now’s your best chance to recoup some of that money you spent over the weekend. OK, a lot more than what you spent.

DraftKings is your chance to play daily fantasy sports for CASH. And since daily fantasy sports are considered by the government to be a “game of skill,” this is your best chance of turning your wealth of baseball knowledge into real-world wealth you can actually spend. Because unlike your friends who never pay you, DraftKings credits your account immediately and ensures that the payouts are easy and secure.


The rules are still the same, all that’s being raised are the stakes + the number of chances you have of winning the Grand Prize.

• Entrance is $5

• You get a virtual $50,000 salary to spend on your 10-man roster (2 P, 3 OF)

• This contest is only open to 100 people

• Grand Prize: 5 $150k Walk-Off Tickets on April 12 ($200 value). That means that if you place in the Top 5, you’re automatically entered into a contest where everyone else has to pay $200.

• At least 30% of entrants get paid

• Entrance to the game’s lobby opens 4/4, the game is on 4/9

Once again, yours truly is going to be playing. That’s good news for you because I’m a Mets fan, so clearly I’m not the best at choosing talent. What I did learn, however, is that spending half of your salary on pitching is not the way to go. This week, I’m going all out on offense.

What are you waiting for? Sign up our DraftKings, the fastest and most exciting way to play Fantasy Baseball, game here.

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