The Next-Gen Console Wars Could Kick Off Next Month When Microsoft Unleashes Its New Xbox

Gamers will have to stock up on extra shelving now that a bunch of new consoles are coming to a store near them. Sony is prepping their PS4 for its big release sometime before Christmas. The Ouya will give Android fans a chance to cut their teeth in the console wars. Nintendo hopes to sell enough WiiU’s to avoid holding a garage sale just to cover their electric bills.

The only player who has yet to throw a console in the gladiator ring is Microsoft. That waiting could come to an end as soon as May 2013.

The Verge reported that Microsoft moved its plans to unveil the new Xbox to next month, possibly on May 21. The event won’t be the usual grand pageant that Microsoft stages for their newest gaming products like the over-the-top madness that was last year’s E3 press conference or the Microsoft Surface tablet. Instead, the¬†announcement¬†will just address some of the specs of the new console to clear up some of the wild rumors that have been floating around lately (like its need for a constant Internet connection and the whopping $500 price tag).

Either way, let’s hope that Microsoft confirms something soon. All this rampant speculation is bound to make the Internet collapse on itself like a fallen star that turns into a virtual black hole and just sucks all the time we waste talking about it right out of us.

Via I Heart Chaos

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