Sexy Superfans of the 2013 NCAA Championship Game [182 PHOTOS]

Just because your March Madness bracket is looking like Kevin Ware’s leg (read: f*cked) doesn’t mean that tonight’s NCAA Men’s Basketball final between the University of Michigan and Louisville is going to be a bust. In fact, I’m pretty sure this is going to be one of the better championship games in recent history.

Not only are there two great underlying stories to the game (the possible “Fab Five” reunion and Kevin Ware’s horrific injury), the fan bases from both schools are going to be out in full force. That means face paint, signs, and (hopefully) some sexy hashtags.

The school’s sexy cheerleaders have already done their part to get the school spirit high. Which fans do you guys prefer? The sexy (but smart) ladies of Michigan or the country gals of Louisville?

Louisville Cardinals Sexy Superfans

Michigan Wolverines Sexy Superfans

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