Man Sues Priests For Failing To Rid House Of Farting Demons

(That video is the first thing that comes up when you Google “Demon Fart”. Seemed relevant enough to share)

A Romanian man has sued a church because four priests have failed to exorcise the flatulent demons that reside in his home.

Madalin Ciculescu, an attorney, contracted the Orthodox church when some electronic items started switching on and off and his home began to stink with farts. Apparently the demons did not have any dogs to blame the flatulence on like any true man would. Ciculescu summoned four priests to come exocise the spirits and they claimed to have succeeded in their efforts while the homeowner says the smells still linger.

The courts rejected the man’s claims. No word on whether the ghosts still have gas or not.

And FINALLY, I get to incorporate “Listen, do you smell something?” into a blog have have it make sense. THANK YOU GHOST FARTERS!!!

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