Jenna Jameson Accused of Beating Someone (In A Not Good Way)

The undisputed queen of pornography hasn’t had the life of a royal since she pulled out (no pun intended but it’s still a damn good one) out of her porn career. Well, maybe the British royals, any of them.

Jenna Jameson faces a possible felony battery charge if police decide to slap a pair of non-fuzzy handcuffs on Jenna and throw her into a cell, according to TMZ.

The gossip website (and reason people read books less) reported that the star of Flashpoint, The Masseuse, Zombie Strippers! and Philmore Butts Taking Care of Business allegedly attacked someone on Saturday in a house in Newport Beach, California. She was at a friend’s house preparing to celebrate her 39th birthday at the time of the incident. The story doesn’t say what caused the fight but we’re sure that men all over the globe will be replaying the possibilities in their heads right before they drift off for a four-hour nap.

This isn’t Jenna’s first run-in with the cops since she left her adult film career. Last year, she pled guilty to a DUI charge for driving under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs after crashing into a telephone pole. Feel free to make your own “pole” joke here. I don’t have the energy to make another inappropriate penis joke.

via CBS News

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See Her Tonight [Shanley Caswell On VEGAS]
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