Is Chris Webber Going To Make It To The ‘Fab Five’ Reunion Tonight At The NCAA Finals Game? [POLL]

One of the stories going into tonight’s NCAA Championship game is whether or not all five members of the Michigan “Fab Five” will reunite for the first time since the early 1990’s.

In 1992, five freshmen standouts at the University of Michigan (Jalen Rose, Chris Webber, Juwon Howard, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson) took the country by storm as they dominated their way to the NCAA Championship game. Their style, swag, and swift ascent into the spotlight has not yet been recreated by any team since.

And while The Fab Five made it to the NCAA Championships two years in a row (1992 and 1993), they failed to win the Big Dance.

It was during the 1993 championship (one of the most memorable moments of March Madness) that Chris Webber called a timeout when Michigan had none left to call. The resulting technical foul and free-throws would cost Michigan the game.

Not only was Webber vilified by the fans for the mistake, he faced later retribution when he pled guilty to one count of criminal contempt for lying about his involvement with Michigan booster Ed Martin. In response to the charges, Michigan removed all records and banners from the 1992-1993 season (including the Final Four banners which are currently locked away in a closet) and (until 2012) banned Chris Webber from any official connections with the school.

So while it’s understandable while both Webber and Michigan have had a serious disconnect in the past decade, it’s hard to imagine C-Webb being the one missing piece in tonight’s reunion. Here’s why:

• The championship game takes place in Atlanta (where Webber lives and works). Travel is a non-factor for the man.

• Webber reached out to the team via his Twitter account today

[tweet align=’center’]

Truthfully, I really hope that Chris Webber steps up to the plate and responds to Jalen Rose’s plea (video above). Any Michigan fan who still looks down on C-Webb as a player or person clearly has some issues with forgiveness.

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