Wichita State’s Out Of The Tournament, But Cleanthony Early’s Here To Stay [VIDEO]

Update: the original video was privated but here’s a highlight reel. Wait ’til the last video for Cleanthony.

No one expected Wichita State to make it past Gonzaga in the first round, but there’s a reason they’re called the Shockers

Wichita State lost last night to Louisville, who’ll be going on to the finals against Michigan. More on that later. For the time being, who the hell would’ve thought the Shockers would make it to the Final Four? Nobody. Maybe you’re douchey hipster friend who picked his bracket with his eyes closed.

But we’re impressed with the toughness and class the Shockers showed these past two weeks. And Cleanthony Early’s dunk in the video above tells us that we’ll be hearing from him for a while. Maybe the NBA, maybe the Harlem Globetrotters. Either way, with a name like that, dude’s not going to leave our consciousness easily.

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