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Now This Is How You Build An Electric F–king Car [


Now that we all care about the environment and rising oil prices, Mercedes decided to keep caring about us

Or at least rich people and dumb people who buy Benzes but keep living with their moms. The new 2014 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG is an electric car but still a frickin’ Benz. That means you can get road head from an impressed young dime and there’ll be no engine noise to distract you from, um, being distracted.

Also, if you can afford the half-million dollar price tag, you’ll be racing 0-60 in around 3.7 seconds while still not hearing much from the engine.

So here it is, readers. If each of you send us $1000, we’ll post a video of us driving our new car. Help us out!

via Car And Driver

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