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Halle Berry: Woman Who Won The Week [PHOTOS]


Halle Berry just got pregnant with her second kid, so we might not see her looking as good as she has been ever again

In the words of Kendrick Lamar: “Halle Berry, Hallelujah, holla back, I’ll do ya.” Those might be Kendrick’s wisest words, but they’re probably going to expire soon. In fact, part of the reason we’re saying Halle’s won the week this week is that this might be the last time we ever bestow such an award upon her.

Hell, the fact that she’s 46 and already has one kid makes it amazing that she’s still looking this good. She’s a milf, but she seems too old to be a milf again. This pregnancy’s probably going to take its toll on her, so this week let’s celebrate her 28 years of legal hotness.

Here’s some pictures of Halle across her career.

via TMZ

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