Jay-Z And Beyonce Have The Right Idea Going To Cuba [VIDEO]

Don’t you just love it when the media pretend to be moral when it feels like it?

We went to war in Iraq, and the media questioned the decision. We went to Afghanistan, they shut the f–k up. We’ve been involved in a stupid cold war with Cuba since 1960 that doesn’t even make sense anymore, and the media never question it. So when Beyonce and Jay-Z decide to go to Cuba for their fifth wedding anniversary, somehow the media, not all media outlets but several, manage to excoriate them for it.

It’s dumb.

We should have more famous entertainers traveling to Cuba, performing their music, putting Cuban money in their pockets and paying some of it in taxes to the U.S. government. You know, the government that actually spends money on military preparedness for a possible war with Cuba.

via YouTube

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