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Final Four Tonight, Baby! [PHOTOS]


Dick Vitale’s been working the NCAA tournament for 34 years, and this is the first time America’s favorite crackhead gets to broadcast the Final Four

We watch the NCAA Tournament for three reasons: To gamble with brackets, to rank cheerleaders from each school, and to hear Dick Vitale scream his old-man balls off when someone sinks, steals, or blocks a shot. Oh yeah, and the game itself is pretty good, too. Or as Dick, or any annoying dude impersonating him, would say, “It’s Awesome, Baby!!”

We’re especially pumped to watch him broadcast the Wichita State game tonight just to see how he says names like “Cleanthony” and “Demetric,” although he’s always been more respectful and not racist than most sportscasters. We’re looking at you, Jimmy the Greek.

In honor of Vitale’s big night, and our love for him and his manic happy face, here’s some pictures of him being Dick.

via Huffington Post

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