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This Mad Genius Can Control Everything In His House From His iPad


Remember when you were a kid in the 80s or 90s and you watched shows like The Jetsons or Star Trek and wondered if mankind would ever create such mind-blowing technology like pneumatic elevator tubes and Holodecks that can turn your imagination into a tangible reality? Then when you finished thinking what you would do with the Holodeck and a virtually rendered Deanna Troi in a virtual hot tub filled with virtual whipped cream, do you wonder if you would ever see technology in our lifetime?

Mankind may not have given us a teleporter or a Marina Sirtis sex bot yet but it has given one man the ability to control his massive mansion with one portable touchscreen device.

Former World Bank vice president Armeane M. Choski has integrated almost every feature and design of his massive home around his iPad. He can control just about everything from his iPad or iPhone through an app including opening and closing drapes, adjusting the thermostat and even turning off lights in rooms. He probably still has to “flush” the old fashioned way but we’re sure he’s working on an app for that as well.

It may sound like the dream of an extreme lazy man but Choski explained that the app does have practical uses for someone who needs to let people in their home while they are away without tripping alarms or wants to remotely access their security system. We’d still settle for a Marina Sirtis stimulator, er, simulator but this is cool too.

via Washington Post

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