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Sly Fox Brewery Debuts ‘360 Lid’: A Topless Beer Can That Drinks Like A Glass


You know that douchey friend you have that refuses to drink beer out of the can (or the bottle)? He always has to drink beer out of a glass, making friends roll their eyes as they’re forced to dig a pint out of their cabinets?

As annoying as he is, he’s right: beer is best enjoyed when you can smell as well as taste the brew, and cans (and bottles) with their mouth-sized openings rob the drinker of much of the beer experience.

Enter the new “360 Lid.” As described on, “The 360 Lid is basically the pull-tab top of soup can fused onto a traditional beer canister… Peel the lid away from the can [to expose] a 1.75-inch-wide opening.  Viola – instant beer cup!”

The pull-tab can does raise some concerns. First, it creates two pieces of trash instead of just one and is actually illegal in some states due to litter laws. Then there are the more mundane concerns like, “Will it cut your lip?” (It won’t) and “Couldn’t stuff fall into my beer?” (It could).

Sly Fox Brewing is the first brewery to give it a test run in North America. For now, their Helles Golden Lager is the only beer offering the “technology” — which has previously been seen in Africa, Latin America and Asia — in our neck of the woods.

Regardless of the top’s staying power, it should help Sly Fox sell a few beers for curiosity’s sake at least.

via Foodbeast

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