See Her Tonight [Shanley Caswell On VEGAS]

Shanley Caswell on Vegas


It doesn’t matter if she claims on Twitter that “I’m only in this for about one second”, it’s still worth checking out the beautiful Shanley Caswell on an all new Vegas. Shanley plays Patricia on an episode that features an FBI agent preventing Sheriff Lamb from pressing charges against a pimp so that the Fed can use him to get dope on Savino. Guess it truly is hard out there for a pimp (yes I just Hustle and Flow’d you, deal with it).

The lovely Miss Caswell is a Miami girl who has been acting since she was 8-years-old. You may have seen her before featured in CSI: NY, The Middle and starring in the movie, Detention. Be sure to give her a follow on Twitter @ShanleyECaswell and have the balls to say hi before she makes it ultra big and forgets you ever existed.

See Her Tonight [Amy Okuda On THE MIDDLE]
See Her Tonight [Amy Okuda On THE MIDDLE]
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