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Secretly Recorded Footage Of Family Watching Football Is The Definition Of What It Is To Be American [VIDEO]


No disrespect to “White Chicks on Drugs” but this secretly recorded footage of a family watching football might be my new favorite video of the year.

It’s just too perfect. A great slice of 21st-Century Americana.

Every red-blooded American knows that if you’re watching football at your house, there are only two choices of attire: the jersey/sweats combo or something else entirely too comfortable to wear in public. So while I don’t share this family’s admiration for bathrobes, I can certainly appreciate the threads.

Even the fact that they’re rocking an HD flatscreen without the HD channel is American. Oh we can’t afford HD cable? F*ck it, we’ll just buy a massive TV anyways and throw that bad boy on a credit card.

Ah, who am I kidding? As a New Yorker, I just like this video because you get to see the pain in an Eagles fan’s face. But even that’s American.

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