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Oh Pooh! Russia’s Bears Have A Weird Addiction To Huffing Jet Fuel


Russia has always had it rough but every war torn nation has their way of getting through the drudgery and depression of their day in their own small way. Apparently, Russia’s bears must be suffering from their own economic depression (honey futures are way down) because they’ve resorted to a cheap way of getting their buzz on (no pun intended).

The bears have started to develop a weird craving for the smell of jet fuel and now the Kronotsky Nature Reserve has found a number of their bears passed out on the cold, cold ground from huffing the fumes of the empty jet fuel barrels.

They are so addicted to the mind numbing buzz that these fumes produce that a photographer who caught these photos noted that some bears will even try to sneak up on working helicopters as they land and take off just to get a quick hit of the stuff. The only way this story could be sweeter is if one of the bears were actually named “Dave.” (Hello, where are my Cheech and Chong fans out there?)

I’m not entirely sure if these fumes can cause any permanent damage to the bears since, well, they’re bears. They are the closest thing Mother Nature has to an “Incredible Hulk” as far as I’m concerned. However, seeing them passed out in the snow proves that the fumes do cause permanent cuteness.

via Gizmodo

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