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19 Kick-Ass Kurt Cobain Tattoos on the 19th Anniversary of His Death [PHOTOS]


Where were you when you heard Kurt Cobain died?

Knowing the age of our readership, I’m assuming many of you might have still been “in utero.” (That’s a Nirvana pun!) But an old fart like me remembers coming in from the backyard to watch the breaking developments on MTV News. (Yes, that used to be a thing.)

Life’s a lot different now than they were in the ’90s, some ways for the better (for the first time ever the majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana) and some for the worse (um, the economy, the wars, 9/11, etc.). But no matter how you think of the ’90s, one person stands as a figurehead for the era: good ol’ drug-usin’, shotgun packin’ Kurt.

In honor of the 19th anniversary of Cobain’s death, we hunted down 19 kick ass Kurt Cobain tattoos.

As a guy who lived through the ’90s, my guess is that Kurt would be proud…

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