Toronto Blue Jays Fan Uses Beer As Ingenious Method Of Fighting Drunken Woman In The Stands [VIDEO]

Today’s lesson in dealing with violent women comes all the way from Toronto, where a Blue Jays fan discovered a somewhat ingenius way of handling a female troublemaker. Yes, that makes two Blue Jays post in as many days. Smitty is clearly having an effect on us.

First, let’s set the scene (from the Youtube uploader):

A very kind gentleman gave away some shirts he got (for chicken apparently …) He threw them in the crowd and a girl caught it. The girl with the black hair ripped it from her hands. The dad got upset (understandably) so he defended the fact that she got away with it and then this happened……500 section’s finest!!!

Then let’s add one bit of important information: the guy in the hat had his eye-glasses ripped off his face by Black Hair and thrown into the stands only moments earlier. Not his cheap Wayfarer knock-off sunglasses or the reading glasses you buy in a gas station–but his real life glasses.

But back to the action.

Instead of taking Black Hair’s punishment like most people or letting his girlfriend take any sh*t, Hat Man decided to¬†embarrass¬†Black Hair by pouring beer all over her. Bonus points for using what I think is her drink.

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