The Balcony is Closed, Film Critic Roger Ebert Has Died

Film buffs may have had their differences with critics but they always held Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, best known for their long running review shows Siskel and Ebert at the Movies and Siskel and Ebert, in high regard. They brought film criticism out of the stuffy pages of the local newspaper and into the mainstream.

Plus, it was fun just to watch for those rare moments when the two would blatantly disagree and tear each other to shreds because one thought Benji the Hunted was OK and the other called Carnosaur a rollicking good time. For the record, those were the actual reviews of Siskel and Ebert respectively.

Naturally, film fans felt more than a twinge of sadness when the Chicago Tribune movie critic Siskel passed away much too soon in 1999 at 53. Today, that feeling has returned now that the duo’s other half has shuffled off to that great big multiplex in the sky. The Chicago Sun-Times, the newspaper where Ebert worked as the movie critics for more than 46 years, announced on its Twitter feed that Ebert passed away at age 70 after a long battle with cancer.

Film buff’s thumbs across the globe will be standing at half mast today in honor of his memory.

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