If You’re Going To Attack A 56-Year-Old Woman, Make Sure You’re Not Wearing A Fraternity Sweatshirt With Your Pledge Name On It

If you’re a respectable member of society, no time is a good time to mug someone. But if you’re a scumbag who thinks brutally attacking and robbing an innocent 56-year-old woman at a subway stop is a decent plan, at the very least, you may want to be cognizant of any potential major flaws that might make it a particularly bad time to mug someone.

For instance, maybe you’re wearing a fraternity sweatshirt with your PLEDGE NAME on the back of it.

This scenario is exactly what played out for Aidan Folan,

Just before midnight on April 2nd, Gawker posted a video of the attack at the 18th Avenue F train station in Borough Park, Brooklyn.

A day later, “Stugots” — as the Alpha Phi Delta member was known — was tracked down by the Internet.

Now he is under arrest.

It’s another sad reminder that just because you went to college, doesn’t mean you’re educated. Maybe Aidan should have spent less time with his bros and more time in class.

For those of us with compassion, it’s good to know that, according to Gawker, “the victim somehow escaped with only minor injuries.”

via Happy Place

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