Facebook Wants Its Users to Be Even Less Productive By Running Their Entire Phone

The amount of time we waste on our Facebook pages and mobile phones is astounding. Now Facebook has found a way to meld these time sucking innovations into one giant time sucker.

Facebook founder and Jesse Eisenberg impersonator Mark Zuckerburg unveiled the new “Facebook Home” feature that Android owners can use to run every major feature on their entire phone through their Facebook account.

The new phone system works just like any other app on Android phones, except it can replicate just about every major feature on it through your Facebook account making it more of a “social phone,” Zuckerburg said. I realize that “social phone” is redundant but I digress.

It actually has some interesting features that could improve upon Android’s designs and interfaces. For instance, the “Cover Feed” feature integrates with the phone’s lock screen to make it easier to send quick messages to your contacts without having to open the phone. Users can simply send and respond to their messages from the lock screen. Just think of the time you’ll save! Now you’ll have three whole extra seconds to waste even more time on “Star Wars Angry Birds.”

via The Daily Beast

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