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In Celebration Of The 40th Birthday of Cell Phones, Here’s A Quick Look At How They’ve Changed Over The Years [PICS]


40 years ago today, Martin Cooper (the former Vice President and division manager of Motorola) made the first cell phone call on the company’s DynaTAC phone. And like a total boss, he chose to call the lead researcher of Bell Labs who were also racing to build the first cell phone.

In the years since, cell phones have developed from 2-pound phones to miniature computers that weigh less than 4 ounces.

Obviously the best use of your smartphone is browsing COED’s new mobile site but that wasn’t always the case. Here’s a quick look at the evolution of cell phones from 1987-2012. To see my shortlist of winners and losers, check out the list below the gallery (which I suggest you view in fullscreen mode).

Just to add my two cents, here’s a quick look at the best and worst:


• Palm Treo – Really the first smartphone/PDA worth talking about. Their dominance in the market was short-lived once RIM started picking up steam.

• The iPhone (first generation) – The one that changed the game forever.

• The Samsung Galaxy – The first legitimate competitor the iPhone since it’s release.

• LG Voyager – For those of us who couldn’t afford iPhones or weren’t ready for touchscreen keyboards, this was the next best thing.


• The Motorola RZR – Just because everyone went through 4 of these a year didn’t make them good. Hands down, the worst / most poorly designed phone ever made. Ever.

• Blackberry Storm – What a POS. I know people who downgraded their phones after trying this out for two weeks.

• T-Mobile Sidekick – If you had this, you were either a chick in junior high school or loved texting just a bit too much.


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