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Fallon Will Definitely Replace Leno Until Leno Finds a Way to Throw Fallon Under the Bus


The world has been wanting to know who will replace Jay Leno on The Tonight Show ever since, well, ever since Jay Leno took over The Tonight Show. Now we know… maybe.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Late Night host Jimmy Fallon will take The Tonight Show spot in 2014 now that NBC is planning to remove Leno from the long running late night talk show chair. The newspaper also reported that the network wants to put Saturday Night Live‘s current Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers into Fallon’s Late Night timeslot when he makes the move to Los Angeles next year.

Of course, don’t feel bad if you’ve got some niggling doubts that this will actually happen. Leno’s cutthroat agent Helen Kushnick famously lobbied to have NBC push Johnny Carson out of his show after 30 years on the air and overlook David Letterman as his successor before being ousted herself as the show’s executive producer for creating a legendary talk show war.

Then in 2010 when Leno was scheduled to leave The Tonight Show and hand it off to Conan O’Brien, NBC decided to keep Leno by offering him a primetime spot called The Jay Leno Show. The new show failed miserably and NBC tried to wedge Leno back into his old time slot but since Conan wouldn’t budge, NBC fired him and put Leno back in place as if nothing had happened. Meanwhile, Letterman was the only person who was actually entertained by the whole thing making it the first time that Leno has amused anyone.

via Uproxx

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