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Disney Strikes Down Lucasarts, Star Wars’ Fans Chances of Ever Playing Another Good Star Wars Game Again


I’m sure we all remember that moment in Star Wars: Episode IV when Obi Won Kenobi let Darth Vader strike him down in a lightsaber duel because he knew he would “become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.” Well, Disney just did that to Lucasarts except they made sure that there was no possible way that they would have any semblance of power even in death.

Now that Disney owns the Lucasfilm empire, that means they also own all the Star Wars properties that go with it including their once great Lucasarts video game studio. Now they no longer own that because Disney dismantled the entire Lucasarts operation including the projects that were in development including Star Wars: First Assault and the highly anticipated Star Wars 1313.

This might feel like a surprise “Force choke” to the Star Wars fanatics but we all should have seen this coming. Disney’s own video game studio will have one less brand to compete against and they can even bring the Star Wars games under their own umbrella but it looks very unlikely that the unfinished Star Wars games will ever see a store shelf in our lifetime. Of course, it’s sadder for those of us who remember a time when Lucasarts made great games that didn’t involve an endless amount of lightsabers and laser side arms like Sam & Max Hit the Road, Maniac Mansion and the under appreciated Full Throttle.

At least this is karma payback for the eye-bleeding bad Star Wars Kinect.

via Kotaku

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