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Courtney Stodden Looks Like She’s Going Places


Professional fame whore and creepy senior citizen wife Courtney Stodden has taken a big step to achieve her dreams of having a movie, TV, modeling, porno, career in general? really f*cked up life as she has made her naked debut in the reputable Girls and Corpses magazine. Because who wants to pose seductively in Playboy when the necrophilia market has so much untapped potential? And yes it does say “Execution BONERS” on the cover and yes I am intrigued.

However, at minimum they could have given Gary Busey some makeup for the photo shoot. The man goes through enough ridicule already.

But least she’s no longer doing stuff like this again. Well, she probably is, but at least she’s ceased from filming it, for now:

The Best and Worst of Courtney Stodden:

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