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Bob Costas Quotes His Favorite Ludacris Lyric [VIDEO]


The rap game: if you want to get ahead in it, you can’t just keep running through the same old lines. You gotta find unique phrasings, interesting flows and, of course, dope new rhymes.

Because of this, nearly every famous human being on the face of the planet has been referenced in a rap song. It’s not necessarily done out of love, but instead a desperate need for words that rhyme with other words.

Take Ludacris’s Bob Costas lyric, the one Costas recites above: “I be rollin’ torpedoes, get blunted with Rastas. And for a hefty fee, I’m on your record like Bob Costas.”

Costas, don’t pat yourself on the back. Your name just rhymes with Rastas. And you had a show called On the Record that makes for a good pun.

Real rappers know your Olympic coverage is BORING.

via Clip Nation

  • COED Writer