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Video Proof The NBA Is Rigging Games For The Lakers [VIDEO]


It’s been a tough season if you’re a Lakers fan. And there are a lot of Lakers fans.

But it may be an even tougher season if you’re a Lakers hater. And there are a lot of haters.

Somehow, this absolutely awful team is still in the playoff hunt with 8 games to go — just a half game out of the final playoff spot.

But half a game out might not be good enough for a league who loves those Lakers TV ratings, and so conspiracy theories abound saying that recent games have been fixed by the refs.

An NBA fan even took to YouTube, posting the above compilation of recent refereeing shenanigans in Lakers games. Sure, the video is biased to prove its point, but anyone who’s paid attention over the past couple weeks know that a lot of calls have been fishy down the stretch.

If Utah and Dallas keep winning, it could all be a moot point. But luckily for the conspiracy theorist, LA plays the Mavericks tonight, so we’ll see just how far the refs are willing to take this thing.

via Reddit

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