Check Out The Girls Of “Vikings” [PHOTOS]

This show’s not only about manly men raiding and pillaging

Remember when the History Channel showed boring ass historical documentaries? Yeah, neither do we. We think it was back when Craig Kilborn was hosting “The Daily Show,” which was, umm, 1956? The History Channel started its transition by showing only documentaries about the Nazis for a while because, well, they’re more interesting than some treaty that a Belgian dude with syphilis made with a British dude with gout.

But lately, the History Channel’s been getting on the drama tip, just as AMC did with “Mad Men,” “Breaking Bad” and “Walking Dead” (remember when AMC meant “American Movie Classics?”). HBO has “Game of Thrones,” so the History Channel brings us “Vikings,” which is basically a mix between “Game of Thrones” and a documentary about Nazis. Hitler did want everyone to look like Vikings, right?

The good news is that Viking women were probably hot back in the day, so the casting director for the show played it safe and cast some damn fine Nordic chicks for the female parts. Check out the show tonight at 10 on History Channel, and in the meantime, check out these compelling reasons to watch it.

via History Channel

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