Woman Who Won The Week: Sahar Biniaz [PHOTOS]

Sahar Biniaz sure as hell ain’t Carly Rae Jepsen, so she’s not afraid her career will tank if she rips on the Biebs.

So when asked about him, she freely told the world that he’s “a bit of a douche.” OK, so her reasoning is that she tried to get a picture with him and he blew her off. That makes us lose a little respect for her…why was she trying to get a picture with him? She’s a bangin’ model who was in “Watchmen” for f**k’s sake.

However, she got in a couple more jabs that made her awesome again in our book. In this video, she’s asked to pose with her arm around an imaginary Bieber so the paparazzi can photoshop him in, and she puts her arm around an imaginary 4 foot man. We’re going to assume she’s saying he’s got a tiny wang and applaud her then carry her off the field.

via TMZ

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