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Draft Your Fantasy Baseball Team, Win $50,000 from Draft Kings [EXCLUSIVE OFFER]


My biggest peeve when playing fantasy baseball is that it’s a poor return-on-investment for your time. Most leagues normally take six months of daily roster changes before you even know if you’ve made the playoffs. If you’re like me and would rather enjoy a faster-paced fantasy baseball league, check out DraftKings. [lead image via Shutterstock]

DraftKings is a fast and furious way of playing all your favorite fantasy sports because all their games last only one day. They focus on the two most fun aspects of fantasy: drafting and getting paid.

So in preparation of the upcoming baseball season, COED has teamed up with the Kings to bring our readers a COED-exclusive league. Entrance is only $1 but you’re playing for the chance to win $50,000. Here’s how it works:

Entrance is $1

• You get a virtual $50,000 salary to spend on your 10-man roster (2 P, 3 OF)

• This contest is only open to 40 people

Grand Prize: A  $150k Walk-Off Ticket on April 12 ($200 value). That means that if you win our tournament, you’re automatically entered into a contest where everyone else has to pay $200.

• At least 50% of entrants get paid

• Entrance to the game’s lobby begins 3/29, the game is on 4/1

Remember: the only to way into the COED-exclusive lobby is through this page right here (it’s hidden from their homepage).

If you’re looking to play a game where the stakes are a little bit higher, look no further than DraftKing’s $20 Opening Day contest, beginning on April 1st. Entry is $16 and players are competing for over $20k in prizes (link here).

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