‘Transformers 4’ Star Nicola Peltz The Next Megan Fox?!? [20 PHOTOS]

After the TMNT news dropped, it was clear that Michael Bay and Megan Fox had settled their disputes; but apparently not enough to have Megan return to the Transformers series. Instead, Michael Bay announced (via Twitter) that he’s going with 18-year-old actress Nicola Peltz in the upcoming Transformers 4 movie. Here’s why you should celebrate.

Just like Megan Fox before she got her break in Transformers, Nicola Peltz is a name that many people aren’t yet familiar with. Sure, Nicola had a major role in M Knight Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender but we’re going to pretend that you never ordered that one On Demand after coming home drunk. Instead, let’s make believe that you’ve only heard of Nicola through her appearances on The Bates Motel.

The good news is that this means Nicola is a fresh face in Hollywood, something that doesn’t come around nearly enough. And at the young (because using the word “ripe” is just flat-out creepy) age of 18, Nicola’s stock is only going to go up.

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