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See Her Tonight [Hannah Simone On 1600 PENN]


Hannah Simone on 1600 Penn

(8:30 PM EST, NBC)

NCAA action returns this evening but instead of crying about how Wisconsin and Georgetown took a hot steaming dump on your bracket to people who could not care less, cheer up for a bit while checking out the beauty that is Hannah Simone on an all new 1600 Penn. Hannah stars as Princess Abigail of Andorra as her character visits the White House to attend an annual peace gala and asks Skip to be her escort. Hannah as a gorgeous princess? Casting 101.

The lovely Miss Simone is a Canadian host, actress and former fashion model but hails originally from England. You have seen her dazzle before as she stars on the hit show, New Girl. Be sure to give her a follow and say hi on Twitter @HannahSimone.

  • COED Writer