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Parents Complain After Teacher Uses The Word ‘Vagina’ In Class On Reproductive System


Sex ed is always a sensitive subject when taught in schools. Teachers want to make sure students handle the subject maturely and parents are in agreement with their methods. But you can’t please all parents, especially the crazy ones.

According to, four parents in Dietrich, Idaho’s complained over a biology teacher’s instructional methods, including such major infractions as using the word “vagina” during a lesson on the human reproductive system in a 10-grade class.

The teacher in question, Tim McDaniel, has taught at the school for 18 years without any previous complaints.

Religion may be the culprit behind the complaints. Gawker reports that “per the most recent statistics, nearly 66% of all Lincoln County adherents are affiliated with the Mormon Church.”

Sounds to me like both the parents and the school district are being a bunch of vaginas.

See, I can get away with that because I am not a teacher. Plus it’s all about the CONTEXT.

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