Like Mic: The Best Locker Room Freestyles From College Athletes

Anything can happen during March Madness, as we’ve already seen from the FGCU waterboy/hype-man and the “dance” by Jim Larranga. But neither of these moments capture the joy and sheer energy captured by Sports Illustrated when they started filming the Miami Hurricanes locker room immediately after their win over Illinois. Forward Julian Gamble and guard Durand Scott started freestyle rapping and I gotta say, it was impressive.

For a few minutes, that room seemed to be filled with the excitement that helps bring fans to sports in the first place.

But the 2012-2013 Miami Hurricanes certainly weren’t the first college athletes to shine in front of their teammates and coaches (or even at their school–7th Floor anyone??). Here’s a compilation of the best freestyles ever recorded in college locker rooms.

Maybe Metta World Peace or Desean Jackson will take note and choose a locker room as the site where they record their next mixtape.


#4: Stevie Johnson – University of Kentucky

When: Before the first game of the 2007 season against Eastern Kentucky

Best Line: “It ain’t just about putting on this white and blue / If one fight starts, we all start fighting too”


#3: Jessie Iwuji – Navy

When: After Navy’s win in the 2010 Texas Bowl

Best Line: “It’s your boy J. Wu / I’m yo money, Navy fed”


#2: Julian Gamble/Durand Scott – Miami University

When: After defeating Illinois to head to the Sweet 16. They gave a little preview for the cameras sometime before here.

Best Line: “ATL where we tryin’ to get to / The Final Four / Get the rings, minks too”


 #1: Malcolm Kelly – University of Oklahoma

When: After the Sooners defeated the Cornhuskers for the Big 12 Championship

Best Line: “But we gonna get it / cause we gotta finish / Nebraska Cornhuskers man we diminished”

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