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Daft Punk @ Coachella 2013 Rumor Shot Down


On Tuesday afternoon the music website VEVO uploaded Daft Punk’s touring schedule, claiming that the DJ duo had a performance scheduled for April 12th in India, CA. The same Indio, California made famous by Coachella.

As is everything and anything Daft Punk-related, this spark of hope ignited a storm of giddiness and rumors– the most popular of which was that they would be performing with Phoenix again (as they did at MSG).

But don’t get your hopes up, because this isn’t happening. VEVO gets their tour information from Songkick, a great resource but one that allows user submissions. So yeah, someone’s just playing with you. Besides, Coachella spent all their money booking The Stone Roses which was  SO WORTH IT!!!!

Unless you’re going to be in Paris sometime around May 20th (an actually confirmed date of their new album Random Access Memories), don’t expect to see Daft Punk anywhere soon.

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