Check Out These Modern Video Games That Got the Atari Cartridge Treatment [14 PICS]

The classic, retro Atari video games are still just as fun to play as they were when video games only had enough technology to produce three colors on the screen at a time and nothing more complicated than a square dot.

However, if we knew what fate had in store for us, the shock of seeing it would have given us a heart attack and delivered our souls to heaven so we wouldn’t have to wait that long to play them.

Games like Left 4 Dead 2 and Fallout 3 have turned what was once a simple way to pass the time without requiring much physical movement or athleticism into a billion dollar industry. They’ve also transformed simple games into giant, story-driven media. Just imagine how much farther they would be if Atari was able to produce such games for its 2600 home console.

Someone out there has already done that for us. They took the classic designs of the Atari cartridge’s iconic artwork and re-imagined them with some of today’s top games. We’ve collected some of our favorites for your perusal.

via Neatorama / images via deviantART

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