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20 Movies That Need to Be Released Now


The movie viewing experience has come a long way from being stuck either having to go to a movie theater or rent a movie from the video store. We no longer have to deal with overpriced soda that’s 80 percent water or snooty teen video clerks who think they know everything about us because we once rented “Ferngully: The Last Rainforest.”

Now we have outfits like Netflix that let us watching movies without even having to leave our home. They send them in the mail and if that isn’t fast enough, they can be streamed over the Internet. We don’t even have to go to the theaters to see most first run movies since cyber nerds with blazing fast modems and no sense of decency can upload theater run movies straight to the Internet. Technology, however, hasn’t found a way to speedy up the delivery times for the movies we really want to see. So until Netflix invents a time machine, here are the movies at the top of our “to-watch” list.

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