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Minor League Baseball Team To Debut Pee-Controlled Urinal Video Games


As if Minor League Baseball games weren’t exciting enough…! Just kidding, of course.

But honestly, there is no event that could not be improved by adding pee-controlled urinal video games. I don’t care if you’re at your nephew’s recital or the Super Bowl, you know when you take a break, you’re going to have some entertainment.

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs are the team in question and claim that the installation is the first of its kind in America (though the games have become popular in some British pubs).

According to the New York Daily News:

“The system turns on when a user approaches the urinal. The right kind of angling can help multi-tasking gamers guide a snowmobile down virtual alpine roads littered with plump penguins. The 55-second game tests both ‘agility and knowledge.’

“After they’ve done their business, users’ scores are placed on a leaderboard. Top performers will get a shout-out on video board displays within Pennsylvania’s Coca-Cola Park.”

So sorry Lehigh Valley IronPigs, that cheer wasn’t for you, that was for a new top pisser!

via HyperVocal

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