California Man Receives $8,000 In Damages For Listening To ‘It’s A Small World’ For Half An Hour

Jose Martinez was visiting the “It’s A Small World” ride in Disneyland when it broke down for half an hour. Instead of being evacuated with the rest of the passengers, the quadriplegic Jose was forced to stay put for half an hour and listen to the ride’s awful theme song.

After medical staff tended to Jose for 3 hours, the San Pedro native saw fit to sue Disneyland in 2011 (2 years after the reported incident). He was recently awarded $8,000 in damages. Which is ridiculous.

I understand that Disney has a bank account equal to the GDP of small nations but c’mon. Jose was only stuck for half an hour.

Anyone who endured any kind of deprecating pledging back in college would love to tell you about the hours they spent in some cold basement listening to the “Funny Farm.” And all they got was crappy Natty Light and the opportunity to pay thousands of dollars of dues.

Jose Martinez should consider himself lucky (besides the whole quadriplegic part).

via SF Gate

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