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See Her Tonight [Katherine Webb On SPLASH]


Katherine Webb on Splash


Tune into ABC to check out who very might well be the most beautiful person on television this evening, Katherine Webb on Splash. Katherine stars on the reality show that features celebrities learning how to dive competitively and then competing against each other. Pro: Katherine is guaranteed to be in swimwear. Con: So is Louie Anderson. [lead image copyright: Sports Illustrated]

You may recall the lovely Miss Webb, who is Alabama QB A.J. McCarron’s lady friend, suddenly skyrocketing to fame with the help of Brent Musberger during this year’s BCS national championship game. However, it’s safe to say the beautiful former Miss Alabama would’ve achieved this success regardless. With those looks it would be a crime against humanity if she didn’t. Be sure to give her a follow and have the balls to say hi on Twitter @_KatherineWebb.

  • COED Writer