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No S*** Everyone Wants To See Florida Gulf Coast Win The South Region


Prepare to not be shocked: In one of ESPN’s latest Sportsnation polls, the network has determined that everyone except for those Cinderella-hating jerks in Kansas and Michigan want to see Florida Gulf Coast win the NCAA Tournament’s South Region.

In fact, with 2,752 votes received from Florida at the time of posting, Florida Gulf Coast has a 53% to 30% lead over University of Florida. Yes, even in their home state, the university with 150 years of history (and alumni) can’t even muster up enough support to win a fan vote over a school that until a couple days ago most of us assumed was a community college.

Not that you can ever consider a Florida vote entirely accurate, but still…

If anything, I’m more surprised that Kansas and Michigan are still holdouts. You’d think Kansas State and Michigan State would be big enough schools to split the vote and push things closer to FGC’s favor.

Though with Michigan State still in the tourney, maybe their fans are afraid that if they get on the Gulf Coast bandwagon their team could be next.

via ESPN

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