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Road Rage Fights Are All Fun And Games Until Someone’s Wife Pulls A Pistol [VIDEO]


Here’s a lesson on what not to do when getting into it over a driving incident.

1. Don’t follow someone into their driveway to start a fight.

1. Don’t walk up to someone and punch them through the window if you’re not sure they’ve got a partner in crime (which they probably do because you’re on their property).

3. Don’t pull out a pistol and point it just because your stupid hick wife hands it to you.

4. Definitely don’t pull out that pistol and point it if someone’s filming you.

5. Don’t fire said pistol into the back of a truck that’s pulling away.

6. Don’t miss the back of the truck and hit bystanders’ houses.

7. Don’t turn yourself in before the black eye you got from two punk kids goes away, otherwise your mugshot will look like this:

Yeah, you don’t see it in the video but apparently as the truck drove away, Bradley Turner fired a few rounds into the rear of the pickup truck. I like the fact that his wife is a ride or die chick, but there’s no need to get lethal when it’s just a fist fight. Especially when the fight is all said and done.

The strange thing is that I can’t really blame the guy for using a gun his wife (Christie Marie Turner) hands to him after he just got absolutely¬†embarrassed¬†by two punks. Gotta pretend to be a man somehow, right?

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