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Woman Who Won The Week: Vinessa Shaw [PHOTOS]


Vinessa Shaw’s moving up the horror movie pyramid.

When Hollywood casts a woman in a horror movie, they’re telling her that most dudes in the world want to sleep with her, so now that Vinessa Shaw is starring in her second horror movie in ten years, that’s Hollywood’s way of telling her that dudes still want to sleep with her. Badly.

Her new movie, “Come Out And Play,” starring her and some douchebag who’s not me, came out this weekend, and it looks reasonably scary. Her last horror movie, “The Hills Have Eyes,” was really scary: dude, the hills actually had eyes in that movie.

In “Hills,” Shaw played the hot daughter character who’s in every horror movie. Now, she’s the hot milf character, and it looks like she’s made the transition smoothly. In case you’re not convinced, here’s some pics of her to get you out to the theater.

  • COED Writer